Many dogs find they forever homes at “All About the Dogs” event

Heather, one of our volunteers, sits with 2 of our puppies.

A huge “THANK YOU” to all who came out this weekend to visit us at the Petco in Issaquah! We found homes for 12 dogs, including some directly off our transport that didn’t even get an opportunity to be groomed! It was great to see people there to meet certain dogs they found on online, and thanks for those who waited for the transport to come in!

Here are just a few of our dogs adopted this weekend:

Bridget, Ginger: a few of our puppies have found good homes to train, love and care for them.

Renni: is one of our larger dogs, part pug she’s going to be very happy now!

Jackson, and Pinto: we’ve had both of these guys for awhile, it was really great to see them go to deserving homes.

We’ll be holding another adoption event soon, but you don’t have to wait until then to see the dogs. Check them out at Petfinder!

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