Send Love To Dogs Like Bilbo!

Thank you to Dawg Business for posting this article about our foster Chihuahua Bilbo! Make sure to check out their site too!

Bilbo (ne Plato) came to PUP in September, 2010 with Coccidian, which is very common in puppies, usually coming from the mother. Orginally infested with sarcoptic mange, he was treated and signed off by a vet for sarcoptic mange, and while in foster care came down with demodetic mange. Poor guy! He has been under vet treatment/supervision for his mange since October, 2010 and is getting better.

When put in foster care, he had only a very small volume of hair on the top of his head down to his shoulders. His back, tail and legs were hairless and his skin was fluorescent pink. Gayle, his foster, began fostering him in late October, and even though his therapy has been expensive and tedious Bilbo he has shone through it all!

In November, we noticed some little tiny white hairs beginning to grow from the tops of his toes. We were really excited about this all.  He has large feet anyway and with the hairy toes – we asked, “who has large feet with hairy toes? – Hobbits!”  Time for a name change – Frodo was way too dignified so Bilbo Baggins it was.

Bilbo has been a beacon of hope for us. 

He has had setbacks with skin infections and flare ups of stubborn mites and, I am sure, some pain but he never, never has slowed down! He lives life to the fullest, loves his pack family and everyone he meets becomes his newest friend.

When a new foster is shy or fearful, Bilbo is the first to snuggle up and lick him or her reassuringly. He leads the pack on outdoor adventures and even though it is freezing cold or raining, he’s the first one outside and the last one to give up and come back inside.

He has play-battles with all his foster family (his weight 5 pounds, and their average weight 14 pounds!) and is perfectly content to be dragged around by his head or the back of his T-shirt or sweater. The battles are impressive for the noise he generates because his motto is “the louder the growl and conversation, the better.”

When all is tallied, Bilbo is an absolute paragon of courage and invincible spirit. There is a lesson for those who will pay attention to his life.

When Bilbo gets healthier he will make a great dog for a lucky family! He’s not currently on Petfinder, but if you’re interested in adopting him, you can email for information.

Help contribute to the ongoing medical treatment for special dogs by donating to PUP Dog Rescue. Support from dog lovers help us save more dogs and treat more sweethearts that might have been euthanized due to treatable medical conditions. If people would like to donate items rather than money they can email

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