Latest transport brings new hope for abandoned dogs

Announcing our adorable rescues from our latest death row shelter sweep…we’re so glad to be giving these dogs a second chance at life! We’ve rescued them from the Stockton shelter in California, where last year alone 10,000 dogs and cats were killed! Sadly there are 3 to 4 million animals euthanized each year, and we’re asking for your help to find these cuties a forever home!

All of these guys and gals will be looking for homes! They have all been vetted, meaning all are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, bathed, wormed, microchipped, and quarantined. These dogs will be available on Petfinder soon AND at our next Adoption Event on April 9th-10th from 10-2pm at the Issaquah Petco.

Can you be a Foster Volunteer for PUP?

If you live in the Seattle area and have room in your heart and home to help save a dog, we want to talk to you! Some of these dogs have never experienced a kind word, a gentle gesture, or a healthy meal. Our fosters provide this and much more! If you’re ready to make a difference in the life of a rescue dog, please download, complete, and email an application (Word doc version, Text version). Also, check out our fostering FAQ brochure to learn more about this rewarding activity or send us an email.

…within a week we were approved and on our way to pick up our first foster, Spike, a Miniature Pinscher…he was adopted by a great couple who also had his brother so I know that he was at “home”. From then, I remembered why we signed up to be fosters…to be an interim before they go to their forever home. ~PUP Fosters Grace & Jason

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