PUP Dog Rescue connects dogs with more than just happy homes

When Zoey was rescued by PUP Dog Rescue, it was unclear if her relationship with us would be that of hospice or hope. In spite of a fractured jaw, suspicious breast tumors and severe gum disease, PUP was certain they could make a difference in this little dog’s life. Coordinating with California shelters, we were able to save her from the fate of being destroyed. This older Chihuahua mix was likely worn down from overbreeding, malnourishment, lack of general veterinary care, and finally found herself in a shelter. But we saw a sweet dog who could flourish if “surrounded by people who placed her welfare and happiness at a very high level of importance.”

We (PUP Dog Rescue) is a non-profit and foster-only dog rescue from Issaquah WA, and makes it our mission to help homeless dogs connect with the right person or family so they can thrive as faithful companions. Today, because of generous donations we have received, Zoey is recovering from surgery to remove and diagnose multiple mammary tumors and extensive dental work around her injured jaw. Her depression has lifted and she’s now a “loving, gentle old lady who is just now beginning to enjoy and trust in the possibilities available to her.” Zoey will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the love of a caring family.

Being a foster-only organization, we place each rescue dog in a home which provides socialization, training, and a glimpse into their unique personalities. We feel it is “very important to make sure you find the right dog for your family, and personality and behavior play a big role in this.” Breeders often sell the book only for its cover, and unfortunately many of those dogs also find themselves in shelters because of poorly educated pet owners. According to the Humane Society, “purebreds account for about 25 to 30 percent of a shelter’s dog population.” Because of this, we’re a full disclosure adoption organization, and dedicated to educating the public and future owners about responsible pet ownership.

Zoey is a loving, gentle old lady who is just now beginning to enjoy and trust in the possibilities available to her.

When asked about Zoey’s remarkable recovery, her foster mother says “there’s a road to be traveled by every living being… [we] need to make that journey as best possible for dogs who’ve not known what [a good life] can be like.” Since this article has been written, Zoey has been adopted to a special family who will take care of her needs and appreciate all her special qualities.

How can you help? If you would like to support PUP Dog Rescues’ effort to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, please visit our website and learn how you can donate to this cause. If you are interested in learning how you can adopt rescued small breed dogs from PUP visit Petfinder or email adopt@peopleunitedforpets.com.

Thanks to Issaquah KOMO for crossposting this story as well!

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