A Rescue Story…with 6 happy endings!

Penny's puppies

When PUP rescues a dog we’re saving a life, but when we rescue a pregnant dog we’re saving many lives…and teaching the value of spay/neuter programs. Meet Dolly and Penny and their 6 puppies! Both of these moms were surrendered by their owners. These rescued sisters (we believe they’re sisters) were both pregnant and gave birth to their litters 2 weeks apart. We’re celebrating all the puppy’s 1st month birthday this week with a pedicure…ok really we just trimmed all their little toenails. This is a milestone that moms and puppies might not have seen if PUP and Stockton Animal Shelter’s Jenifer McCollum didn’t work together to save the many precious lives that we do.

It’ll be awhile until these puppies are available for adoption, but they will surely find a great forever home! PUP will make sure they’re all vetted, spayed/neutered and full of puppy spunk! The moms will also be available for adoption soon too! And a big thanks to the Stockton CA shelter, Jen and Maureen who walked and cared for these moms and their litters until PUP could get them up to Washington.

Jenifer from Stockton said:

[we] did not know they were pregnant until the first mamma started having her puppies….one of my students came and got me… [and] she had already started to deliver the second puppy…and noticed that the other mamma was also pregnant. She looked like she would have her babies any second. But wait[ed] 2 weeks!

Here are some more photos of these thriving puppies celebrating their 1st month birthday:

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