PUP is looking for an Adoption Facilitator!

This is Zeb who found a home earlier this year!Do you love dogs, support animal rescue efforts, and have some free time on the weeknites or weekends? Well we have an opportunity for you! We’re looking for some local talent to bring foster, dog, and owner together! Read the job description below to learn how your can help find rescue dogs their deserving forever homes!

Adoption Facilitator Position


Facilitate the meeting between foster, dog and potential adopter.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide high-quality customer service to people interested in adopting a pet while clearly communicating policies and animal care issues and solutions (house training, crate training, etc.). In addition to completing the meeting and paperwork, the facilitator will make recommendations to the potential adopter on types of food, proper crate size, toys, treats, etc. when asked or when necessary. The facilitator also makes sure the application and fee is mailed within 10 days of receipt to the director or given to the event adoption coordinator or assistant. Envelopes and postage are available upon request.

Abilities and Knowledge

  • Compassionate towards animals, foster parent and potential adopter
  • Makes decisions based on what is best for all involved; dog, foster, adopter and organization
  • Follows policies and procedures
  • Asks questions of director if unsure of how something should be handled
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Animal handling and introduction experience
  • Represents organization in a professional manner
  • Can say no to a potential adopter in a professional, educated manner
  • Fits collar, prong included, properly
  • Time management


At least 4 hours per week. Mostly evening and weekend hours are required.


Please let Laura know if you are interested: laura@peopleunitedforpets.com.

Please note this is a volunteer position.

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