PUP will be at Fisherman’s Terminal Fall Festival

September 17 (Saturday) Fisherman’s Terminal Fall Festival

Saturday, September 17th from 11-6
3919 18th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119-1659

The Fishermen’s Fall Festival is an annual family event that draws upwards of 10,000 people each year featuring live music, oyster shucking, salmon cook-off, salmon fillet competition, boat tours, kid’s activities and much more! The Port of Seattle reached out to PUP and asked us if we wanted to participate in this dog friendly event, and we enthusiastically said YES!

The event proceeds go to the Fishermen’s Memorial, which supports the families of fishermen who have died at sea.

Along with adoptable dogs and details about how you can support dog rescue efforts, we will have our PUP Wheel of Fortune Game, volunteers to answer questions, and fun mazes for kids to play and color.

Save this date for what is sure to be a very fun event.

3 thoughts on “PUP will be at Fisherman’s Terminal Fall Festival

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  2. Hush, you are truly angel and hero. You clearly have a passion for what you are doing. I only wish their more people like you that would go to the lengths that you go. I’ve never met you, but I can honestly say you have a special place in my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SELFLESS WORK YOU AND YOUR GROUP ARE DOING. Hopefully being on national TV will bring you the help that you sorely need. It’s a tragedy that there are people out there that do inhumane to critters that just want love. GOD BLESSES!!
    This is the reason everyone should have their pets spayed or neutered. Please don’t let your pets breed and send out more strays into the streets. If you don’t have the finances todo this, there are many animal shelters and programs that will help you.

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