We’re looking for an Event Coordinator in the Seattle area!

Are you friendly, detail oriented, interested in spreading the word about dog rescue and love animals? Check out our volunteer opening for an Event Coordinator to help with all our adoption events. If you are interested please email Laura!


Help give maximum exposure to our adoptable dogs by making arrangements for events by working with venue managers to meet our collective goals.

1. Communicate with Event Committee and Director of PUP to make decisions on which events we will do.

2. Keep a calendar of all upcoming events

3. Decide or identify who will be the Event Manager for a particular event.

4. Contact venue manager to confirm date, time and details of the event.

5. Identify type of event for planning purposes – e.g., “Adoption Event”, “P.R. Event” etc. Decide on theme, costs, volunteers needed and food (if providing). Basically project how the event will look.

6. Notify fosters and volunteers of event calendar and needs.

7. Give event details to marketing people to advertise event.

8. Set up event sheet to assist in projecting needs.

9. Keep inventory of supplies and order or purchase additional – if necessary – Marketing materials, dog supplies, t-shirts etc.

10. Make assignment list. Notify other volunteers of needs and assignments.

11. Notify PUP’s Director of needs.

12. * Make the event happen per the planning.

13. Evaluate the event.

Assign to volunteers:

1. Send out survey

2. Update PUP dog book

3. Make a list of dogs attending for check in/check out purposes

4. Tear down and get things back to storage.

Assign to event manager which can be assigned to volunteer:

1. Gather all things together and organize for event. This involves going to storage. Also, needs change with different events. (Sometimes we need the tent or portable table.)

2. ** Ensure everything goes back into the proper containers or assign someone to do this.

* Note: The Event Coordinator does not need to be at each event. This is why we assign event managers.

** Note: Everything from an event MUST go back into the proper container to make life easier for the next event manager.

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