Seattle Dog Lover Donates her Birthday Wishes to Help Rescue Dogs

We get “so emotional baby” (thanks Mrs. Houston) when we see an outpouring of support from people like Miriam, a faithful and loyal dog lover. This PUP supporter celebrated her 29th birthday on January 2nd but instead of asking for gifts she decided to “start off the year with a big bang of goodness” by having people donate to a cause she loves: PUP Dog Rescue. This kindhearted birthday girl has asked her social media followers, friends and family to open their hearts and wallets to our homeless dogs and we can’t thank her enough!

Miriam suggested PUP as a recipient of donations large and small because “PUP devotes all of its energy” into giving helpless animals a loving, forever home. She suggests giving up a coffee or two to “make a big difference in a lot of little lives,” and her friends are, indeed, doing that. So far, they have given $795 of Miriam’s $1,983 goal.

Happy Birthday, Miriam! We couldn’t exist without wonderful people like you and your friends. PUP thanks you on behalf of our friends—big, small and furry, with wet noses and wagging tails, and boundless love they’re waiting to share.

To donate please visit:, the deadline to give is January 31st!

2 thoughts on “Seattle Dog Lover Donates her Birthday Wishes to Help Rescue Dogs

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