Rainey the Yorkie mix needs a sweetheart to adopt her!

As part of the Valentines’ Day holiday, we’ll be blogging about 1 dog each day until the big day!

Rainey came to us as a fearful puppy who had not been socialized. The shelter called her feral. She spent a couple months in foster care in CA before coming up and has been with us for about a month. Rainey is tentative and careful with people, and she will shy away from your hand if you reach for her. If you let Rainey come to you instead, she gets braver and will climb right into your lap. The more we get Rainey to play with us, the more she forgets to be nervous and just acts like a puppy.

She is full of curiosity and is very playful and happy. Her tail is always up and wagging. Rainey does okay with the cats and doesn’t try to hurt them, but will bark at them. Because Rainey is more confident and less scared when with another dog, she would do best in a home with a dog buddy. Her new family will need to be committed to socializing her with a number of people to help her get over her fear. Rainey is potty trained on a regular schedule. She has had no accidents indoors and is happy to run outside with the other dogs. She is also crate trained and quiet in her crate unless she needs something such as to go potty. She is still in the puppy chewing stage so puppy-proofing our home was a must. Putting things up and out of harm’s way and providing lots of chew toys is important. This will keep herself and the items safe. Rainey is not leash trained but is trying to be brave and learn. She is smart and adorable! One look at this girl and she will steal your heart! Raising a puppy requires a lot of work and is a commitment! Rainey will be an awesome addition to a family that can give her the attention, exercise, training and affection she deserves.

Rainey comes from an overcrowded shelter in California. PUP was asked to help and we are so glad we did. All dogs PUP pulls from California come with health certificates, as required by Washington State. Rainey is spayed and microchipped. She is current on her DHPP, Rabies, and bordetella. She and has been wormed and flea treated.

  • Female Blond Yorkie mix
  • Approximately 6.5 months old
  • Approximately 8 lbs.
  • House trained on a potty pad
  • Crate trained
  • Okay with other dogs
  • Looking for a home with a companion dog
  • Not recommended for a home with cats
  • Dog respectful children 8 and older
  • Adoption fee: $275

Adoption: If you think you have room in your home and heart for this dog and you reside within Washington State, please go to our Adoption Information page. There you will find more information and be able to fill out an adoption application. See her Petfinder profile at http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22075473.

Note: The above description reflects the behavior we have observed in the dog’s foster home. Although PUP provides adopters up to the minute information on our dogs, we cannot guarantee they will behave in the same manner in a different environment with new owners.


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