Seattle dog lover raises over $3,000 asking friends to make a birthday donation

As birthdays go, our 29th birthday doesn’t grab the attention that a 30th birthday might. You’re still in your 20s (by a thread) and you don’t yet have to check the higher age bracket when asked in questionnaires. Miriam Kelly probably wasn’t thinking about any of this when she came up with an unique birthday request to celebrate her 29th birthday. She asked family, friends and even strangers to donate money in lieu of any gifts to a cause very important to her; dog rescue. Miriam wanted to specifically help People United for Pets. Her goal? To raise $1983 which was, if you are doing the math at home, the year Miriam was born.

To start, she posted her birthday fundraiser on She wrote, “If you know me at all, you know I am passionate about dogs. That is why I would like to donate my birthday to saving dogs’ lives.” And she didn’t stop there. Miriam contacted asking for help in getting her story out and reaching her fundraising goal. Issaquah KOMO even covered this generous story. The momentum of Miriam’s good intentions kept going as Jack Sweeny of Rogue Ales and Spirits organized a fundraiser for Miriam that was held at the Issaquah Brewhouse on January 30th.

At that time $1915 of her original $1983 goal had been raised. What began as a small plea to consider donating to dogs what might otherwise have been spent on a coffee habit grew into a huge example of giving at its best. This demonstrates that even the humblest of requests can become the proudest examples of the human spirit and ‘paying it forward.’ Not only did Miriam meet her goal, she surpassed it raising $3209 for PUP. Happy Birthday, Miriam! Your birthday present will help provide many dogs forever homes with families that will create priceless memories with them.

Special thanks to PUP volunteer Chris Gardner for writing this post!


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