Wilby comes to Canada – a rescue dog’s story

We first saw “Wilby”, now named Kiko, on the PUP website Thursday. Feb 02 /2012 and were drawn in by those beautiful brown eyes. We adopted “Gibbs”, now named Rafa from PUP in June/2010 and were thinking of finding him a younger brother. After an exchange of a few emails, we had plans to meet & greet Wilby on Saturday, Feb 4th. Everyone agreed he was a good match for our family and we returned to Vancouver, BC with Rafa and Wilby (Kiko) in the back seat. It was clear he was going to be missed by his foster family. The dogs behaved the entire way home and no questions were asked at the border about them (although we had all the requisite paperwork and shots). On the drive home we decided that Kiko would be Wilby’s new name.

Kiko was a bit shy at first, preferring to stay in his crate but gradually explored his new home. Being an “only child”, there were a few “toy” and “food” issues to resolve but Rafa was adapting very well to the new member of the pack. They have established their boundaries and enjoy drives, walks and doggy parks. We had Kiko’s DNA tested and have learned that his heritage is expectedly a combination of Terriers: Fox(ears/face) /Silky(coat) /Jack Russel (energy, speed and jumping ability). Kiko is still a bit tentative and a bit scared/aggressive around large dogs but we are working on that. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night in our bedroom and Rafa sleeps on the bed. They are alone for no more than 4 hours at a time as someone is home for lunch (and a walk) every day. Kiko seems to have taught Rafa how to indicate it’s “walk” time by pawing at the door or the door stopper to make that ‘twang” sound. We’ve discovered that Kiko especially loves the sand/beach as he really

comes out of his shell there and chases Rafa around. What a great addition to our family he has become… even better than we’d imagined.

First pic is shortly after arriving in Vancouver; 2nd pic is Kiko looking much better after a visit to the groomers; 3rd pic is Kiko and Rafa on Spanish Banks beach with the City in the background.


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