July Adoption Events – see us in Kirkland, Belltown and Redmond!

Join us for 3 adoption events this month!

  1. 7/14/12 – Kirkland Petco, from 10-2pm

  2. 7/21/12 – Second Leash – Belltown, Seattle, from 11:30-2:30pm

  3. 7/28/12 – Redmond Market – Redmond Town Center, from 10-3pm

How should you prepare for these events if you think you might adopt a dog?

  1. Check out all our adoptable dogs (and cats!) online.
  2. Complete a free adoption application and email it to adopt@peopleunitedforpets.com.
  3. Schedule a meeting to ensure your potential companion has some 1-on-1 time with you and your family.
  4. Load everyone up and come down! That even means your other dogs, shouldn’t everyone have a say in the new guy…or gal?

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