Please save a life…Foster for PUP!

Animal shelters are forced to euthanize healthy and friendly animals to make space for the new animals coming in daily. There are times that People United for Pets has to leave behind wonderful, highly adoptable dogs because we lack a sufficient network of foster parents at that time. Simply put, foster parents maximize the number of dogs/puppies we can save.

A Foster provides temporary, in-home care for puppies or dogs until they can be adopted. Sometimes the foster home is the first stable and loving environment the dog has ever experienced. PUP does not take in dogs identified as dangerous.

PUP pays for all of the vetting and supplies your foster dog will need. You provide a safe and loving home where your foster dog will begin to flourish and learn or relearn skills such as crate, house and leash training, and other manners our adopters look for in a dog. We work together to match your foster dog to the best home and family for them such as these PUP dog adopters shown below.

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