“Black Dog Syndrome” puppies, we want to be adopted too…

When PUP pulled a litter of six black, 12-week old Chihuahua mixes on 9/1 from a shelter, we knew their chances of finding a loving home would be much better with us than in a shelter. We also knew we were pulling six black dogs with “Black Dog Syndrome.” This syndrome is not a disease and is not contagious, but it is something they were born with. They are black.

Black dogs are euthanized at a greater rate than light colored dogs. Official statistics are difficult to find, but talk with anyone working or volunteering at shelters or rescues and they will tell you that black dogs are less likely to be adopted or take much longer to find homes than the light colored dogs.

Two of this litter has been adopted by great families. We have high hopes for the remaining four. They are now 5 1/2-months old, better trained, and still fun-loving, playful little guys. They are all neutered, current on their vaccinations and antiparasitics, and microchipped.

If you have room in your heart and home: Fill out a free adoption application today!

Tarzan is people friendly and loves to snuggle. He does well in his crate, is quiet with no accidents and sleeps thru the night. He is learning about the leash. He is adventurous and plays with the other dogs. We are working on housetraining, but he has the right idea and will go to the door.

Click his photo to view his adoption profile.






Sebastian is a favorite in his foster home. He is small and super snuggly. He will come right up and put his front feet on his foster mom’s leg so she will pick him up. He enjoys chew toys and can be quite playful sometimes. He loves to play with the ‘big dogs’.

Click his photo to view his adoption profile.







Nemo loves attention and has trained his foster by sitting at the front of the crate and making the occasional noise so someone will notice he is awake and come get him. We are working with him on house training and walking on leash. He is smart as a whip.

Click his photo to view his adoption profile.







Tron loves a good tussle with other dogs his size, but he is also very affectionate with his people. Tron is quiet in his crate, unless he needs out to potty. We are working with him on walking on a leash. Tron is fine with the bigger dogs in his foster home, but doesn’t care for the ill-behaved big dogs that push their way into his space. Tron has been fine with the kitties. He will just bark at them.

Click his photo to view his adoption profile.

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