Second Chances…a dog lover’s fundraiser

Last year animal lover Miriam told her friends exactly what she wanted for her birthday: “I would like to donate my birthday to saving dogs.” She asked them to donate to PUP in place of a present, and spread her message virally using social media. What began as a small ask grew into a huge example of giving at its best.

This year Miriam is generously giving her birthday again “to the dogs.” All of us at PUP are so moved to have such wonderful supporters! You give voices to those who can’t speak, and help echo the message of “don’t shop, adopt.” Please show your support by donating to her fundraiser below. Happy Birthday Miriam!


Last year I ran a fundraiser for PUP Dog Rescue for my birthday. We raised over $3,200 which gave dozens of dogs a second chance at life. This year for my 30th birthday, I want to repeat and exceed what I did. Help PUP Dog Rescue save the lives of countless of dogs left to die at high kill shelters. Every dollar counts and it’s a small sacrifice for you that will lead to a huge impact.

I know my goal seems outrageous. But I believe that great things can happen when great people come together. I believe that God puts things into our hearts for a reason and if we don’t act on those things, we will always just lead mediocre lives.

Thank you for your contribution. God bless you.


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