Bonzai’s Happy Tail

Bonzai’s (formerly Bonsai) new family dropped us a line to let us know how he’s lovin’ life:

“We’ve nicknamed him The Bonz, as in The Fonz from Happy Days. Every time we go to the dog park he seems to be the Mr. Cool Guy who gets all the attention, but acts like he’s too cool for it. He loves people, but always barks at them first. He’s not too fond of playing with other dogs, it seems. He’ll acquaint with them, but not so much play. We just think he thinks he’s too cool to play sometimes. We are enjoying Bonzai’s company immensely! He is a joy to come home to. His excitement as I walk in the door just floods my heart with instant happiness. We are thankful to have him in our lives.”


Thank you so much for opening your hearts!!


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