Paloma, the story of a lost dog with a miracle network

We at PUP were recently asked why we list found dogs rather than just find a good home for them. We explained that we’d want someone looking for us if they found one of our dogs. It’s also the law in Washington state. Today was a good example of why we don’t just move dogs without looking for an owner first.


A rescuer, Brenda Ponce, messaged me asking if we would pull in an old Papillon yesterday that she had been asked to take in by her vet. Brenda pulls in a lot of special needs dogs and she was asking for some help with this girl.

Cecilia offered to foster her and we pulled her in. Because of how frail this Pap was, now named Paloma by Cecilia, we made her a vet appointment for today. Cecilia took her to Companion for her exam and any vaccinations she might need. Elaine, a vet tech at Companion, saw Paloma and recognized her as being one of their client’s dogs!

What is amazing about this is this little dog was taken to a Kirkland vet to be euthanized by the people who found her on the side of the road. The vet refused and called Brenda, a rescuer that is a FB friend, but I have not worked with her per se. At the same time, she emailed Cecilia knowing Cecilia is involved in rescue. Brenda was unaware that Cecilia is part of PUP. At the same time I’m telling Brenda to send a photo and information, Cecilia is telling Brenda to contact me and if we pull her she will foster her. This dog was coming to PUP. Somehow, she was getting to our vet clinic to be recognized by Elaine. This dog is 17 years old and less than 4 pounds!

As Cecilia just stated on the phone… what if those people who found Paloma took her to any other vet and she was euthanized? But no. She was taken to the right vet to get to the right rescuer to get to the right rescue that took her to the right vet clinic to get her to her owner. I would call that a miracle.

Things like this happen in rescue. We’ve all had something happen like this. It’s times like these, one realizes there are much bigger hands at work here.


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