Ella is ready to be adopted, right meow

We took a moment to sit down with this sophisticated, and well-traveled feline, to ask some very hard-hitting questions about her life as a foster cat. Here is what she had to say…

So tell me a little about yourself…

“My name is Ella and I love playing with this little crinkly thing because I’m a huge Seahawks fan…my foster mom has schooled me in what’s proper!”


Besides being a hawks fan, what else are some of your passions….

“Above all I like to relax around the house in my Cat Scratch Lounge. A huge paw-five to the lovely person who donated this so I can snooze in style, after all I’m no spring chicken and I deserve my beauty rest. Not only is this the best scratcher EVER, it’s my favorite lounging spot to spy on my foster mom!”


How do you maintain that lovely glow after all these years traveling from place to place…

“Now I’ve been told that to be a hawks fun, you must just accept the dreary Seattle weather, but honestly I just come alive with joy when the sun comes to visit me, and I bask and bask and bask some more!”


Tell me about your next adventure…

“My foster mom says there’s a perfect family waiting for me, but I wish they’d come find me soon so I can perfect my lounging in your house right in time for the spring sun to come out! Send my foster mom and her organization PUP a “wink” on my online profile, puuuuurrrrr, see even MORE of my selfies here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0l5bswpcmth0xwu/MSfh1IXU2b.”


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