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Roary Before AfterRoary is a 2 year old Terrier mix PUP Dog Rescue pulled from the Stockton Animal Shelter this April. When we first saw him, he was a matted mess and walked on three legs. The vet said one of his legs had a fused bone that wouldn’t allow his leg to bend or be used normally, however that was only one of the many injuries they found. Apparently Roary had either been kicked, stomped on or run over with something, repeatedly…and his injuries and pain are severe.

We took Roary into our local vets office to have his leg evaluated to see if we could make his life better. What Laura Tonkin, Founder and Director of PUP Dog Rescue, heard brought her to tears:

“Dr. Ritchie called and asked to talk with me about Roary, in front of his x-rays. I knew this was something pretty serious. I’ve seen a lot of x-rays in the past 9 years of rescue, but I’d never seen anything like this before. The moment Dr. Ritchie placed the first slide up, I just covered my mouth. I could not believe what I was looking at and was in shock at the pain this little guy must have suffered. Bones were going in every direction. I could see the end of the bones looking like knives or shards of glass. This was the worst case of cruelty the vet had ever seen. Roary had either been kicked, stomped on or run over with something, repeatedly…”xrays

“It took everything in my power to restrain myself; Roary’s situation had just broken my heart. What kind of person could kick, stomp on or run over an animal repeatedly to cause this level of damage? My anger for this person turned into a question of how we were going to pay for the many, many, many expensive surgeries this dog would need. I remember standing at his kennel at the shelter, when he first came up, looking at this matted scared mess that didn’t move. We asked the vet to look at his leg. The staff shaved him, bathed him, examined him, and brought him back to his kennel, and the moment his little paws hit the ground, he was happy and joyful and playing with his two kennel mates (which we also brought home to PUP). Roary has so much joy despite his situation, and we said in unison, He’s coming to PUP.”

PUP is working to raise the money to pay for Roary’s vet costs which will include surgeries continuing for months due to all of his injuries. Today marks his first of many surgeries (on his left leg), with a substantial IOU plastered to our vet file from our Director. Once his left leg heals we will do surgery on his right leg, then pelvis. This will be a long road for our boy, but our volunteers are in this for the long haul.

We have contacted the Stockton Animal Shelter and asked for his owner to be tracked down and brought to justice for animal cruelty. However, we just learned the owners could not be found so the justice Roary will receive will be through the love and care he will be given while with us.

Please consider donating to Roary’s Fund, and sharing his story in hopes we can educate the public about animal cruelty and valuable work that rescue organizations bring to those who have no voice. His foster says “he has a great big smile in his soul and a bubble of joy in his heart. He is such a love and deserves the best life has to give.”

Donate to Roary’s Fund

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