We are in need of loving, caring, and committed foster homes

These dogs are giving us a second chance, can you help foster?

PUP Transport August 045The more fosters, the more dogs we can pull and rehome. As a PUP foster, you would care for and socialize the dog while that dog’s forever home is found. You may also be involved in some of the transport functions (e.g., vet, groomer, training facility), as well as the adoption process. PUP pays for all approved food, accessories, and vetting expenses.

We are a non-profit, small/toy breed dog rescue organization. We work locally and nationally with shelters, other dog rescue organizations and individuals, to help these wonderful dogs. Some of the dogs may never have had a kind word spoken to them, a gentle gesture shown to them, a healthy meal given to them, or a visit to a vet to find out what was wrong with them. We need you and our dogs need you!

Without our foster homes we cannot save dogs. We do not have a facility; we are solely a foster home program. Our foster volunteers are truly the backbone of PUP. Their participation is critical and very much appreciated.

Why become a PUP foster? Because you love dogs and would like to surround yourself with other people who share the same passion. PUP fosters and their families are an amazing group of people and we are so grateful for each and every one of them! If you are interested in becoming a foster for PUP, please visit our Volunteer page to download an online application: PUP Volunteers.

Complete and email to: volunteer@pupdogrescue.org.


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