Help us raise money for our special needs dogs

Meet Sweetums! She is a sweet, playful young puppy who has stolen the hearts of everyone here at PUP. She’s docile and gentle, and she loves playing with her packmates! But Sweetums’ foster pack noticed changes in her behavior early Saturday morning. She wasn’t touching her food, and her mobility was impaired to the point of stumbling. At PUP, we’re serious about the health and welfare of all our rescues. After rushing her to the emergency room, the early prognosis is that Sweetums might have a liver shunt, a condition that compromises the blood flow to and through a dog’s liver, as well as both struvite and ammonium urate crystals in her bladder.
sweetums 3

At PUP, we cover all the costs of fostering and sheltering the dogs we rescue: the smaller costs like food and toys, but also the larger costs like spaying/neutering, vaccinating, and more importantly, any medical conditions our pups might have. And since PUP is a non-profit organization, our funding comes primarily from people like you!

After a few sleepless nights and over $700 in emergency room and veterinary charges, Sweetums’ condition is somewhat stabilized, and she has been released back to her foster pack. But she she will still need to undergo further analysis and treatment at a veterinary clinic before being given a clean bill of health.

sweetums 4

Though Sweetums is a small girl, the costs for keeping her in good health are not small. Help PUP fund the medical costs for her and other pups-in-need by donating today! Earn karma points, check off your New Year’s resolution to help those in need, or simply bring a smile to the faces of the families who will adopt and love these furry friends.

Your donation will help not only Sweetums, but so many other pups get the medical attention they need and deserve. Whatever your donation, everyone at PUP, our fosters and foster families, and our already-adopted pups and packs thank you for your generosity. Below is just a small sample of the dogs you’ve helped heal.

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