Dogs on the Inside, a movie

After working in prisons for years prior to starting PUP, Laura (our director)  sees the benefits and value of a program such as this. Not only to the dogs, but also to the inmates, prisons, and our communities.

‘Dogs on the Inside’ follows a dedicated group of animal rescuers in the southeastern United States as they deliver a group of abandoned rescue dogs to a Massachusetts Correctional Facility. In an attempt to rebuild the dogs’ confidence and preparing for a new life outside, these inmates first learn to handle and care for a group of neglected strays. They then train the dogs to prepare them for placement in safe and loving new homes. Connected by their troubled pasts, the dogs learn to have faith in people again while the inmates are reminded of their own humanity and capacity for love and empathy.


We learn to appreciate the relationships between neglected and abused stray dogs and prison inmates, as they each work together toward their second chance at a better life: a forever home for the dogs and a productive life outside prison for the inmates. In the words of Sgt. Regan-Jones from the North Central Correctional Institution, “The mission of the program was to save the dogs as well as the people. Watching these guys become more open to emotion and more patient I think we’ve absolutely done the right thing here.” The movie is a heartwarming story about the resiliency of a dog’s trust and the generosity of the human spirit.

The film is available now on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Watch the trailer, ‘Like’ them on Facebook, and consider purchasing the movie. PUP will receive a donation for every movie purchased!


~Written by volunteer Katherine


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