Duvall’s own little paradise for pooches!

So proud that Cecilia is one of our volunteers! Great article!

Faces of Duvall

Faces of Duvall A Day in the Life of Doggies HeavenI met Cecilia while looking around for a sitter for Tumble just a day before I launched this project. It was serendipitous, I suppose, that she was also the first to respond to the Call to Action I issued on Facebook. Funnily enough, the day on which we chose to do this was also National Puppies Day!

Cecilia is French, and hails from a small town in Southern France. She came to the States at 18 on a student exchange program to learn English, and fell in love with Washington. Fast forward 20+ years, Cecilia now runs her own dog boarding and sitting business, Doggies Heaven, tucked away in a corner of our very own slice of paradise.

Cecilia has always loved animals, having grown up with pets, and nurtured that love when she started working in pet care years ago. It was through this job that the opportunity to…

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