Adoption Story, Our Pet Adoption Experience with PUP Dog Rescue

waffles1I wanted to take a few minutes to write down my experience finding a rescue. The last time I worked this hard to get something was either a job or a house. I had to do less paperwork to bring my babies home from the hospital.  But I couldn’t recommend the process highly enough. The outcome has been finding the most amazing dog we’ve ever known. Add to that, NOT supporting breeders made it all the sweeter (recall some 4 million dogs are put down every year in the United States).

First of all, I had no idea what a great ‘deal’ rescue is. I got an INCREDIBLE puppy, which was:

  1. Still a baby at 3 months old
  2. The exact breed we were looking for (German Shepherd / Pit Bull mix)
  3. Already crate-trained
  4. Already house-trained
  5. Already neutered
  6. Already socialized
  7. Already had first round of shots and vet visit
  8. Already microchipped

….FOR ONLY $325!!!! Which also included:

  1. Another vet visit
  2. Pet Insurance
  3. A pet tag
  4. Free training for life through PUP Dog Rescue event

Ok so just for comparison purposes? You can elect to pay up to $600 for one of these puppies through a breeder. A puppy that has had no special attention and probably comes from a filthy puppy mill.

We began our search through Pet Finder – I knew from past experience rescuing that there were some great web resources to browse available dogs, but I had NO idea that I could find a PUPPY so easily, of every breed under the sun! I found puppies from all over the United States from organizations that would work with me to deliver the dog for the price of the adoption (usually around $400-$500 total!). The Android app made it all the easier, and before you know it my husband and I were putting puppies on our favorites list well into the night.

I ended up applying for about 6 or 7 dogs, and this was the hardest part. The applications are not simple, and honestly I got pretty tired of it. My advice for this part of the process, first find out if the dog is still available and let them know you are serious, maybe send them a brief bio and some pictures of your family. And be patient, as it may take a few days for them to get back to you. Also, don’t get your heart set on ONE dog, make sure you look into at least a half dozen, to improve your chances.

We found “Waffles” the first day. We fell instantly in love.

I filled out the app and sent it in to the adoption agency, PUP Dog Rescue, but I didn’t stop doggie browsing because I knew he was probably a popular puppy. I was told there was a lot of interest for him, and since I had two small children and didn’t own my home, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t qualify.

I was very pleased that the rescue org still worked with me to gain the ‘clearance’ needed to move to the next step, an interview with the rescue org director. Laura called me and we had a chat. She was impressed with my background raising large breed dogs, and felt I probably had what it would take to be a good mother to this strong individual. She promised I could at least meet him before she made her decision. There was a LOT of interest for this dog and she wanted to be sure she found him the right fit.

waffles2We met at the park on a beautiful March Sunday afternoon during one of their training events. We got to meet this little darling and work with him for the first time. He was a dream on a leash, not what we expected from a 3 month old puppy.

At one point my daughter grabbed the leash and started walking him across the park by herself. They became fast friends. Everyone in the family fell in love with him. Laura let us take him home that day. It was a great surprise, since we were supposed to have to do 2 trainings with him to qualify for the adoption.

It was a 3-week-long process from start to finish. I cannot describe, however, how rewarding the outcome has been. This dog is heaven sent.

waffles3He has been with us now for two months. He has NEVER had an accident in the house, never chewed up one of my favorite shoes. He was so well cared for in his infancy that training him has been easy as pie, and integrating into our family even easier.

We are so grateful to PUP Dog Rescue and his amazing foster family, who took such great care of him and made sure he found his forever home!

-April Drake

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