We’ve Had A Busy Summer!

PUP volunteers have been extra busy this summer! Why you ask? We transported well over 100 animals from high-kill shelters in Texas and California to Washington! Read all about our efforts to save these precious lives below.

PUP Texas RescuesIt started with a phone call from one of our volunteers, Miriam… asking if we’d pull a dog out of Texas. We’ve been hearing for years how Texas is really hurting with the overpopulation issue. The Texas shelters are euthanizing large numbers of animals every day. Logistically, we had many questions. How would we pull the animals, get them tested, vaccinated, and vetted with their required health certificate? Where would we put them all until the transport’s scheduled departure date? And how would we get them to Washington State?

PUP founder Laura called Kim, founder of Rockey’s Rescue, and asked if she’d like to join PUP in this transport. If we were going to pull from Texas, we weren’t just going to pull one dog. We were going to pull many. With Kim on board and our fosters at the ready to sign up to foster each animal we pulled, we began the heartbreaking task of deciding who we would be saving from the two Texas shelters, Garland and Mesquite, and who we would have to leave behind.

PUP Texas AdopteesWe don’t know the exact number of Texas rescuers who helped us with this endeavor, but there were many. They saw what was happening in their shelters every day, and knew they needed to help. They were pulling animals from the shelters, getting them to the vets, opening up their homes to foster them, and then getting them to the transport van to be moved home to Washington—all within 10 days.

During our work in Texas, we learned that one of the shelters we worked with didn’t have to euthanize any animals on July 27th and 28th due to our combined efforts. Still thinking about that brings tears to my eyes. Not only for those we saved, but also knowing it was only 2 days out of 365.

Summer Transport #2

PUP was challenged to fill the plane!

The Merced Animal Shelter in California was full and rescues weren’t signed up to pull for a couple of weeks. They reached out and said if we can take them, they will fly them. Challenge accepted!

PUP California TransportPUP was able to transport over 40 dogs from Merced. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the saving of so many lives this summer!


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