Buster’s Wish

PUP is pleased to partner with PoundWishes to help a dog in need. Buster is a calm and gentle soul who must have been living on his own in northern California for a very long time, based on the filthy, matted coat he had by the end of December 2016 or early January. About then, he sustained some form of trauma that left him with a broken pelvis. Whatever happened, it could have been much worse. The good news is that he was rescued and made his way to the Merced Animal Shelter.


The kind staff at the shelter made him comfortable and put him on crate rest, and began the first regular feeding schedule he had known for a very long time. On January 21, his crate was loaded onto a transfer, along with 49 other rescued animals, as they made their way to new lives in PUP. Since then, he has remained on crate rest, enjoyed regular feedings, gained a little weight and twice been seen by Dr. Richie and the marvelous staff at Companion Animal Hospital where he was brought up to date on his vaccinations, shaved almost bald to clean him up, x-rayed and neutered, and fitted with his Elizabethan collar (cone head). He is to remain on crate rest until about the second week of March. He is bored in his crate, but very tolerant, and when he gets carried outside to do his business (on a short leash) he gets so excited and wants to explore and play. He is a great little dog! When he has completed his recovery, he is going to make his forever family so happy. We just need to get him there. 

>> Click here  to help Buster.


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