Dog Of The Week – Rambo

PUP Dog Of The Week Rambo Rambo 2 Rambo 3 Rambo 4 Rambo 5Rambo’s Stats:
Male American Bulldog mix
Approximately 4 months old
Approximately 32 lbs.

Rambo’s History:
Rambo comes from an overcrowded shelter in California. PUP was asked to help and we are so glad we did!

Notes from Rambo’s Foster:
Rambo is a fun-loving, handsome pup! He loves to play with his foster family’s dogs and he is being taught the ropes of what is “acceptable” play behavior. He has been introduced to cats and is curious, but mainly pays no attention to them. He is good around kids and loves meeting anyone new!

Rambo is a big cuddle-bug with a mellow personality. He hasn’t quite figured out that he’s too big to be a lap dog! And while he loves to play, he is equally content to just “hang out” on the couch. He can be a bit lazy and stubborn when it comes to stairs and going for walks. While he walks great on a leash, he likes to put on the brakes and take his time to roll in the grass.

Rambo is doing great with crate training. He is still learning the ropes of potty training. He has mastered the “sit” command and comes when he hears his name.

Rambo is an awesome puppy and will make a wonderful pet to the lucky people who adopt him!

Find out more about Rambo here:

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